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After several months of hard work we're here to present ourselves to the online community.

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Our mission is as simple as ambitious. Some even say it sounds unrealistic, almost pretentious because our mission is : "Sheltering the world!"

However. All over the world, millions of human beings still need to live in unhuman conditions. Because a place to live - not even a house, but a decent shelter - is a human right, Modulus wants to be a solution for a worldwide housing problem.

Modulus is an innovative housing concept which was rooted in the need for emergency housing in the aftermath of natural disaster and armed conflicts.

A Belgian designer by the name of Rudi de Cramer, created a series of different housing modules, all based on the same curved steel profile. Ranging from a smaller model with just one groundfloor level to a duplex model offering living quarters over two fully-fledged floors.

The possibilities are manifold : generally used for emergency housing, structural urbanisation and rehabilitation of slums or shanty towns, the housing modules are perfectly suited to be used as school-buildings, small hospitals, office-buildings and workshops.
They even serve as a second home, holiday-residency, poolhouse or garden storage space.

Modulus houses are low-cost and earth-quake resistant. They are made of a light but steel structure which can be erected on any number of different soil conditions without deep foundations. All Modulus modules come with the basic steel structure, floors and sidewall/roof materials. Owners can furbisch their module according to their own needs and requirements, preferably using local materials.


Here are some of Modulus' key benefits, just to name but a few :

* general

- very strong, though light structure mainly out of galvanized steel

- the shape is entirely determined by the structure
- the architecture developed from the structure
- a timeless and inspiring design
- a minimum of materials, providing the utmost in terms of efficiency
- 2 fully-fledged floors of living
- 32 up to 135 m² of living space

* construction

- no special tools required
- 'meccano set' system
- no large lifting-forks needed
- very speedy construction = 1 day for base, roof and walls
- extremely stable in cold, hot, humid or dry climates (- 40°C tot + 80°C)
- thermal and acoustic insulated
- constructed 30-40 cm above ground, thereby avoiding humidity, vermin and providing insulation

* transport

- up to 8 housing modulus can be moved per truckload !
- each model can be disassembled and swiftly set up elsewhere